Camping in tents or caravans is a popular way of spending vacation with your family. It's advantages lie in closer connection with nature, possibility of complete disconnection from everyday noise and modern technology, relative affordability in comparison to staying at a hotel or an apartment, and considerable flexibility of choosing betweeen different locations. Nevertheless, camping can be especially stressfull for begginers. Read some of our tips that will hopefully help you with planning and execution of perfect camping.

Choice of camp

Choosing your camp location is one of the most important desicions you have to make. At this stage let it be clear that camping outside of campsite in nature is usually forbidden and fined. However, Italy, Greece, and Spain treat this so called »wild camping« more moderately. We strongly recommend you make a prior choice and reservation of your camp location, especially during summertime when it's crowded. If you feel more adventurous and prior reservation is not an option for you, you will probably find free camping site in smaller private camps.

 What items to bring?

For newcomers this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. If you're planning to camp in a tent, be sure in it's quality. Tent is normally the only protection you have from unfavourable weather conditions. In order to nail down tent pegs through often hard ground, be sure to take a hammer or even some nails with you. Dont forget to bring duct tape, rope, and scissors. First aid kit will be needed in the event of an accident.  Portable gas stove and a little table appear to be most suitable for cooking. Take detergent, soap, sunscreen cream, and mosquito spray as well. Finally, you could always use some amusement supplies. Don't forget you are going on a vacation after all. Some other ideas on what to bring with you on a camping trip can be found on our ECOLOGICAL LINE.