Melted snow, birds chirping, and greening surroundings predict the awakening of life and start of a new period. By thorough spring cleaning make sure to get rid of any winter residues and enter into, for many people the most beatiful part of the year. Spring cleaning is often considered to be a veritable project. Read some of our tips that will facilitate this almost mandatory spring task.

Start at the beginning

Problem for many wanting to start with spring cleaning is that they don’t know where to start. The easiest way is usually to clean only one room at once. In this way, you will be constantly  reaching your objectives and will have a clear perspective on the work that has already been carried out. Priority should always be given to elimination of unnecessary junk. If you think some of these things are still usable, you can always donate them to those in need.

Gather your cleaning supplies

Before you start with thorough cleaning make sure to gather all the necessary supplies in order to have them at arm’s-length when needed. Besides cleaners, sponge, brush, and vacuum cleaner, we recommend you use trash bag, a lint roller, and GLOVES, which can be found on our website as well.

Don’t forget on hard-to-reach areas

A few hard-to-reach areas, which are rarely cleaned can be found in every home. Let be spring cleaning a chance to tackle these areas too. Some of most commonly overlooked areas:

  • Between refrigerator coils
  • Inside the washing machine
  • Behind the toilet
  • Inside and over lights
  • Around AC vents


Cleaning can be fun

Don’t look on spring cleaning as an unnessecary obligation that is only limiting you. Play some music or ensure some other form of entertainment. You can always include your whole family. Joifully off to work and successful cleaning!