Winter and new heating season with it are already beginning to slowly knock on our door, even though summer has just gone by. Make sure you will enter into this new period prepared and won't get surprised by cold weather.

Clean your chimney regularly

Regular cleaning of chimney is primarily intended for safety reasons. Soot and coal tar (creosote) accumulate inside a chimney and can in ideal circumstances lead to a fire. Creosote, accumulated in chimney after burning of solid fuels (mainly old logs, and to a lesser degree wood chips) presents a particularly great danger for a fire. In latter case, cleaning of chimney has to be done every three months. In case heating oil is being used, cleaning once a year suffices. Gas on the other hand doesn't produce any soot at all. Regular cleaning of chimney is also required for practical reasons. Coverings that build up on the interior of your chimney namely increase fuel consumption and cause heat loss. Even few millimetres thick covering can result in 15% heat loss. We therefore strongly recommend you to clean your chimney before the new heating season begins.

Venting of radiator

Water pressure in the radiator system has to be between 1,5 and 2 bar. If that's not the case, radiator has to be vented. Problem with having air in your radiator is that it causes an excessive energy consumprtion (up to 15% increased consumption of energy products). In addition, radiator containing air can cause disruptive noise of running water.

We recommend you check every radiator individually and vent it (keep the valve open until water comes out and pour some water poured into it if necessary), if needed. For additional reduction of heat loss, substitution of regular valves with thermostatic ones is recommmended. In order to ensure your radiators will start winter in best state possible, check our offer of RADIATOR DUSTERS, which can be used for cleaning of other hard-to-reach places as well.