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The organizer of the prize games is Surfd.o.o., Liminjanska cesta 94/b, 6320 Portorož  Slovenija. The prize competition runs from 15 January 2017 to 10 February 2017 inclusive. Each individual can access the prize game once.

1. Conditions of participation:

All citizens of the Republic of Slovenia (natural persons), except those who are employed by the organizer of this prize competition, can participate in the prize game.

2. How to participate in the prize game
The condition for participation is any purchase at the online store

3. Awarding:
The prize will be awarded to the drawee in the presence of the commission. All participants who have made any purchase and who will arrive at the end of the prize will participate in the prize game. The prize draw will take place on 11.2.2017 at Surf d.o.o.

4. Payment of the cash prize and transfer of the prize:
It is not possible to replace the cash prize. Transferring a prize to a third party is not possible.

5.Taxes and advance payment of personal income tax:
The prize is worth less than EUR 42, therefore no advance payment of personal income tax is required.

6. Notification and delivery of prizes:
Prior to the awarding of the prize, the organizer of the prize contest contacted the winners to provide him with the remaining necessary personal information: name and surname, address, telephone number. The recipient of the prize will be & nbsp; Received by E-mail.

7. Responsibility
The organizer does not bear any responsibility, nor does he participate in disputes concerning the ownership of the awarded prizes. In accordance with the rules, the organizer will hand over the prize to the person who will be listed on the completed form. The organizer assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the taking over and taking advantage of the prize, whereby the participants expressly agree with the approach to this prize game. In the event of circumstances that the organizer can not influence (force majeure), the organizer may cancel the prize game. He must inform the participants via the media. In such a case, participants are not liable for any damage incurred.

8. Rules of the prize game:
By participating in the prize competition, the participants confirm that they are familiar with these rules and undertake to comply with the rules of the prize game. In the event of any dispute or ambiguity, these rules shall be deemed to be primary in relation to any other publications, whether in printed, electronic or any other form.

9. Use of personal data:
The prize-winners allow the publication of submitted personal data (names and surnames) on the web site ( and facebook ( The list of winners is kept by Surf d.o.o., Liminjanska cesta 94 / b, 6320 Portorož & nbsp; Slovenia. By participating in the prize competition, the participant of the prize-winning game permits the organizer to collect, process and store the personal data transmitted, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, 86/2004, 67/2007).

10. Canceling participation:
Participants may at any time request the cancellation of participation in the prize game. Removing the participant requests in writing to the organizer's address: Surf d.o.o., Liminjanska cesta 94/b, 6320 Portorož or report by phone at +386 5 671 35 00 and to the e-mail address [email protected]

11. Complaints:
All complaints and reclamations are resolved by the organizer of the prize game. In case of well-founded complaints, the organizer undertakes to eliminate them in the shortest possible time and inform the participant thereof.

12. Final provisions:
The organizer reserves the right to change the rules if the reasons of technical or commercial nature or the reasons on the part of the public require so. All changes and novelties of the prize game will be notified by the organizer of the competition to the facebook ecoshop (Retail and Merchandise)





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Terms and rules of prize games

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