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Efficient cleaning foam for cleaning and removing bacteria of ventilation ducts and air conditioners.

Destroys all bacteria, molds and cleanses the channels and the entire climate system.

A special foam fabric ensures thorough cleaning of air conditioners at home in ventilation systems, air conditioners, sanitary facilities, heating systems, air humidifiers, convectors in workshops, offices in the car.

  • Reduces operating costs / increases efficiency
  • Ensures safer use
  • improves the quality of living space
  • Provides a fresh and pleasant smell
  • It works immediately

Packaging: 500ml

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Quick instructions:

1. Turn off the air conditioner and remove the filters. (Wash the filters with water and soap)

2. Spray the spray evenly over the heat exchanger, fan and drainage channels. Do not come into contact with electrical components. The heat exchanger rib is made of (as paper) thin aluminum. Be careful not to damage them or get caught up on them.
3. Allow the foam to run for 10 to 15 minutes, then turn on the air conditioner, select the cooling mode and the maximum power output. Thus, it is allowed to operate for 15 to 20 minutes when the windows are open.

4. After the cleaning process, reinstall the washing filter and the front cover of the air conditioner.
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SKU 400923
Country of Manufacture Italy
Manufacturer INT
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